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Lead:Old carpenter pencils, wood charcoal and tarnished silver.

Silk finish range is 100% washable, no sealer needed and easy to use.

How to Use

Self sealing, low sheen finish.

Always do a test patch to see if this product is right for your project.

Easy to clean and stain-resistant finish.

Minimal prep is required on your projects. Brush, roller or spray.

Lightly scuff surfaces to promote adhesion.

For best results use a synthetic smooth flat brush in nice even smooth strokes.

Sealing, waxing or top coating are not required.

In some cases, you may find some substrates may have tannin bleed-through. Should this happen, use Pureco base & blocker to prevent further staining. 

600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions. This will depend on the colour choice, whites will require more coats hence cover less square metres.

Cure time 7 - 14 days.

Modern sleek matte to low sheen finish.

Note: Do not apply paint if the air temperature or substrate temperature is below 10 °C or above 35 °C. The temperature should not fall below 10 °C during the drying process as it will effect the adhesion of the Silk Finish and lengthen the curing process.

*Please note: Silk Finish range should be used in conjunction with Base & Blocker as they are produced to work together.